Maze Of Bears - Demo Released!

Head on over to to try out the PC Demo.


Four Floors Of Doors

Play the beta of Four Floors of Doors here.

In a dark, dark, space

Play the beta of In a dark, dark, space here.

Goodbye Flash - Hello Unity

Flash has been lots of fun, but at the start of 2014 I took the plunge into Unity3d...

Goodbye Flash...
...Hello Unity

Attack of the Body Monsters!

Enjoy 7 minutes worth of shooty-carnage and intestiney-things. One exciting level of internal organs and space-ships and stuff that fires stuff at you... it's:

The free beta is here, and you can watch me play through here, or learn interesting facts about @thebodymonsters here.

Other Featured content...



String Theory

Connect 4

Gene Sequencer


Archive of all Flash projects.


(Playable with Unity browser plug-in.)

Grand Thrust Astro

Speedy asteroid racer, 4 tracks, reversible courses, 5 AI opponents, massive jumping and insane boost.

Eleventh Seal

Explore the infinitely generated city, collect promises, escape Death, and then play board games with him.


Plus... Coming soon (ish)... In a dark, dark space...