The simplest (stupidest) AI possible, each ant turns left when hits an occupied square, and right when hits an empty square. Then it toggles the state of the square it is on.

They will tend to build structures like diagonal roads, before ultimately everything descends into random snow. Their behaviour has no randomness in it, but their starting conditions will ultimately lead to a chaotic end state.

To help lure out some of their more interesting behaviours you can interact with them using the number keys. 

  • 1: Clear - Start with fresh screen.
  • 2: Gravity - Toggles gravity for cells, not for ants though. If left on you'll notice ants flying up and left, then emerging at the bottom again.
  • 3: Draw Grid - Make a structure for the ants to travel quickly along, but ultimately they'll destroy it.
  • 4: Draw Lines
  • 5: Draw Columns
  • 9: Slower
  • 0: Faster

Written in Typescript (which is like Javascript without the sucky bits).

State: Acceptable

Format: HTML 5

Type: Quite Interactive