In a dark, dark space...

From SnappyFingers and 2PersonGames

The Mjolnir and her 4 scouts must work together to survive the darkest corners of space.

Single player co-op emphasising tactical planning over twitch gameplay. Full control of the speed of time, and ability to plot courses for 5 independent ships.

Each of the 7 enemy types requires different skills to overcome, ranging in size from 5m to 1000m.

Hack and hijack 15 types of ship, to shoot, scan, EMP blast, cloak, ram, tow, heal, eject, self-destruct.      

Beta version includes first 3 levels free to play.
    Coming to Mac & PC 2015.

Launch Game:
  Unity Web Player Windows Exe Mac App


Fully playable using the mouse.                                

  Keyboard Shortcut
Select Scouts 1-4
Select Mjolnir 5
Freeze time Space
Zoom + / -
Shield S
Cloak C










(Nov 3, 2014) Anonymous said:
Cool Game

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(Oct 26, 2014) Anonymous said:
ok I shared with my friends, wasn't the right game 4 me but my friend will lke it

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(Oct 26, 2014) Anonymous said:
Really Good Game, I Think The MotherShip Should Move Abit Faster

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(Oct 26, 2014) Anonymous said:
Hey I Played That Today

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