Eleventh Seal


Explore the  procedurally generated city, recursively carved from kilometre cubes, an unending Manhatten pattern.  

Collect chains of 'Promises' and take them to fountains, but beware the pursuit of Death!   

Each chain of promises unlocks larger buildings. Enter these to play against Death for the ability to run ridiculously fast, jump ridiculously high and teleport.

It's the video game adaptation that Ingmar Bergman wasn't looking for.

Launch Game:
  Unity Web Player Windows Exe Mac App


  Keyboard XBox controller (mac)
Move WSAD or Arrows Left Joystick
Look Mouse Right Joystick
Jump / Menu Space Left Shoulder
Enter Rooms E Green
Board Game WSAD or Arrows Left Joystick
Rotate Board Q Left Shoulder
Set Teleport Hold 1 or 2 for 1 second. Y
Goto Teleport Press 1 or 2. Y


Here's an early video: