Body Monsters

Body Monsters is a shoot-em-up set inside your intestines. 

Enjoy 7 minutes worth of shooty-carnage and intestiney-things. One exciting level of internal organs and space-ships and stuff that fires stuff at you...

127 hours to make it.
No dominant strategy, you start with all your weapons.
You can ram things, and you can recharge you shield on your platform.
A lot of shmups have same strategy, lurk at the bottom and avoid stuff, so I made weapons short range, each based on different types of first-person-shooter weapons, all to encourage movement and play variety.
The first game I've done where I really put the effort into the graphics.
I wanted to avoid geometric patterns and keep everything looking organic.
There's one level. If I get nice feedback, I'll make more.


State: Polished

Format: Flash

Type: Action

Levels: 1