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Saturday, July 8, 2017

On hiatus from 'Four Floors of Doors' I've been learning the Angular 4 Javascript framework, and rather than make a 'To-Do' list, like all the tutorials advise, I've decided to remake Witcher 3, the multi-award winning, 80 Million dollar, staff of 1500, triple A game. Maybe 'de-make' is a better term.

Obviously I'm going to have to scale back the graphics a little, by not having any. Making it menu based, would suit a browser based game better.

Also probably don't call it Witcher 3 or use any of their IP.

But, as an exercise, turns out that many of the systems and mechanics from modern RPGs can be simulated quite well with just menus. Probably because their heritage is from back when all we had were menus. Indeed, my hacking simulater HKTVST was inspired by the systems in Fallout and Borderlands.

I won't link to it yet but will be posting some development stories from it.

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