Puzzle - Giver your brain a work out with these moderately irritating puzzlers.
    Action - Kill time and/or the alien horde.
    Quite Interactive - Animations and things that you can mess about with.
    Not Interactive - Animations you can look at.

Games are either 'Polished' or 'Acceptable', but to be honest, for even the most polished examples here, I can think of tons of features I'd like add, or things I would like to do differently. Trouble is, the latest project is always more exciting than tidying the old stuff.

Some games are remakes of existing games, which I did for fun, or as a programing exercise, and which may have slightly borrowed IP*, namely the following: Connect4, BubbleBobble, FlipIt, Girrafes, Tetris, Asteroids.

    Unless otherwise stated, the other games are my own invention, which I may later port to more monetizable platform.

    * (In a fair-use non-commercial way obviously.)