About the Site   

Snappy Fingers has existed since 2004. Most of those forms were messy, incomplete, shoddily marked up. This latest form aspires to be less so, but don't we all.

Mostly it's to show people all the things I've made.

I've gone for a minimalist design style, because I think it looks better. Obviously I do know how to make it look all flash and clever, but I've chosen not to. Honest.

Snappy Fingers doesn't mean anything. It's just a bit of gratuitous self-branding which looks less show-offy than writing 'STUART BRAY' at the top of every page. It's also easy to pronounce and spell and remember which is important for a domain name. Although on one occasion the name was misheard as 'Nappy Fingers' which is something else altogether. Don't go there.


This site has been pain-stakingly rebuilt from scratch using Umbraco. Whilst educational for me, this was also a bit pointless because it looks exactly the same.